Are you being called for public speaking opportunities, but afraid to respond?

You are not alone. Technically it is called Glossophobia and 1 out 4 Americans have it. But it does not have to limit your success. Want to make public speaking your new superpower?



If you have a fear of public speaking you probably have a message burning inside that may just burn right through. Let us help you overcome your fear.

Our World Class Speaking Coaching program can help unlock your powerful thoughts and ideas. You deserve to be heard and no time is better than now. INSPIRE, INFORM and IGNITE



What would it be worth to you to bring passion, poise and purpose to every presentation you make? I can share tips, tricks, training and coaching that can make you 3x the presenter you are today. Ignite your audiences hearts and minds. Then drop that mic like it’s hot.

I love training and mentoring speakers and presenters who want to set the world on fire. If you are serious about your speaking skills, go World Class Speaking and never look back.

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Just think how confident you would be speaking with a professional coach in your corner.

I coach trainers, leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to speak, present and facilitate with confidence. I can help you if you let me. Will you let me help you?

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Ready to make speaking your super power?

I have been a Toastmaster (public speaking and leadership training organization) for nearly 20 years. I have worked with hundreds of speakers. I met Hayward Suggs through Toastmasters. Immediately, Hayward distinguished himself as one of the best speakers I have seen. He is a world class speaker. As a contestant in Toastmasters International Speech contest he has gone toe to toe with some of the best speakers in the world. He knows how to inform, persuade and entertain, all in the same sentence.

-Thaddeus A. Gray, Founder of Lincoln-Way Toastmasters, Former Area Governor, Toastmasters International