About Hayward

I love coaching successful people who are invested in helping others. It is my absolute favorite work. I look forward to supporting your personal and professional mission.


Thank you for considering me…

We both know you have lots of great professional coaching options and it’s important to choose wisely. Do you want a coach who will challenge you to hit your goals while have your back every step? Do you like to laugh while building skills and creating opportiunities? If yes, I might be the right coach for you. Let’s talk…


Successful executives, entrepreneurs and employees trust Hayward to support their most important goals. He provides high impact professional services that improve performance, profit, and personal effectiveness.

Emotional Intelligence

Hayward specializes in emotional intelligence/soft skills coaching and leadership talent development. People skills matter. Your comportment, communications, and ability to connect can dramatically impact your success opportunities.

Discrete and Responsive

Discrete, responsive, and outcome focused, Hayward can help you develop skills to enhance your relationships, results and rewards. Would you like to know more? Please reach him directly at 1-SPEAK-7-3212.


Right Coach For You?

Right Coach for YOU?

Iffyou answered 3 or more, you know your Stephen Covey and we are off to a great start. If you answered 2 and value; long term mutually beneficial relationships over short term gains, outcomes over activities and success over perfection, we may have match.


Allow me to support your talent development…

Hayward has contributed immensely to my professional development. His skills to connect with you are impeccable. I highly recommend Hayward’s consultative services, its a priceless personal development investment you won’t regret.” –

Tamiko Peete, PMP, MBA

What people are saying…


“Hayward is the ” Go To ‘ guy in the training industry to elevate the performance of your employees. He is also the right person to seek out if you want to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL. Hayward is an excellent Business Mentor and has proven to be an asset to our consulting practice.

Dana Garner Tamera Hill- Garner, G2 Consulting.


Hayward has a great ability to ” look inside” an individual to identify their passion and driving force. and to offer advice and guidance based on that observation. Hayward is a great coach and motivator and I look forward to continue receiving his wisdom, vision and friendship. –

Tom Nosal, CEO, Scaling Up


“I was blown away by Hayward’s abilities as a speaker, presenter and how he delivered his speech in a way that was entertaining, thoughtful, organized and educational. Since then he has been an inspirational coach and leader guiding me to become a more organized and confident speaker and presenter.” I highly recommend Hayward! –

Renee’ Perry, Business Coach

Professional Coaching to Maximize Your Success

“Whether you aspire to be a better speaker, consultant, executive or person, working with Hayward Suggs will propel you into excellence- striving to make each day better than the last.”

Janet Moore, Chief Executive Officer J. Wright Moore Consulting